The Fun Flavors Of Ejuice


Smoking is a harmful habit that millions of people have. Quitting smoking could even seem like one of the hardest and most boring tasks someone could ever face also. Some prefer to go cold turkey or some may chose to eat that poor gum called Nicotine. The problem with these methods is that it may leave you with terrible withdraw symptoms which may include migraines, a bad attitude, sweats, and even weight gain. Now who wants to quit a bad habit only to find out you may indulge in another bad habit, eating too much, and then gain excess weight. Finally, there is a new alternative way that is more exciting, fun, and even taste good. Ejuice vapors were created as a more clean, fun, and healthier way to quit smoking cigarettes. Not only are Ejuice vapors healthy, but they have hundreds of wonderful flavors that makes each use different and very satisfying.

The first reason why Ejuice vapors are an awesome alternative to smoking cigarettes is because the vapors have tons of flavors to chose from. Flavors ranging from the pleasures of Pina Colada that has the exact taste of pineapple and coconut in every puff all the way down to creamy dreamy cappuccino. On those days you would like a sweet treat you can use Orange Cream Dream vapor that gives you a bold, but yet delicate taste of orange and cream. Or if you’re having a day where you want your taste buds to have a party you can use the Cinnamon RedHots vapor. No matter what flavor you chose you will not be disappointed because of the vast variety Ejuice carries. My all time favorite Ejuice flavor is Sweet Fruit Punch vapor. When I use this after a long day of work, it makes me feel like I have a cold, sweet, tropical drink with the hint of pineapples. On some occasions I like to use Strawberry delight with taste like a batch of fresh strawberries.

There are even fun flavors that can have your palate going crazy, in a good way. The best thing about Ejuice flavors is that it will never taste like cigarettes becuase there is no combustion with using vapor. There are creative flavors like Apple Pie La Mode and Banana Cream Pie flavors. Ejuice even has the mysterious Black Licorice vapor. Whether you are conservative and only want the basics of Ejuice flavors like the original Nicotine taste or you dare to be different and use fun Blackberry Cheesecake flavors. There is a Ejuice flavor for everyone who wants a better and more fun way to quit smoking.